Lionheart Games™

Anime-focused game studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. Responsible for developing games in Unreal Engine using internally developed IPs.

Lionheart™ Generations (R&D)

Generative AI research and development team monitoring new, ethical technologies related to stable diffusion, reinforcement learning from human feedback, text-to-3D, natural language prompt, and other text-to models for future use in game development.

Working on an interesting project?

 Email us or reach out directly on Twitter to @Lionheart and we’ll get back to you!

Game Development

Lionheart Games is an interactive entertainment company focused on game development. Our internal groups use Unreal Engine 5 to create games on PC and mobile devices, including Lionheart Games™ who is working on the Dragonspire™ IP and related projects. We are open to new investors, please reach out using the button below.

Our Approach

Build teams with developers who have the passion and inherent drive to create innovative, high-performing games — working with people who seek mastery and aspire to be the best.

Our Mission

Using the latest innovations in games, empower internal teams to create new tools and online multiplayer games that enable players to build friendships at home and around the world.

Our Vision

Games should only be limited by one’s imagination, and not by technology. A world where you can think of it, create it, see it, and play it no matter what your background or discipline.

Our Projects

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Brian Grayson

Brian Grayson


Brian Grayson holds a law degree from Marquette University and was previously an attorney at Foley & Lardner. He began working with Hi-Rez Studios in 2012, helping it grow 10x (450 FTE) before leaving in late-2019 to start Lionheart Games and Starmi.

John Dew

John Dew


John Dew has a strong track record in the games and software development industries. He was the first person to join Hi-Rez Studios and established its China-based operations, overseeing systems architecture design, strategy, and implementation.

Erez Goren

Erez Goren


Erez Goren is an experienced tech founder and CEO with over 30 years in the industry. Past companies include Radiant (NASDAQ: RADS, acquired by NCR), BlueCube Software (acquired by RedPrairie), and Hi-Rez Studios (100M+ players worldwide).


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Atlanta, Georgia
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