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Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games

What we do

Lionheart Games is breaking the mold on traditional development in the United States, creating games in small, independent teams comprised of passionate and intellectually curious people who thrive in an environment free from the confines of control, bureaucracy, and politics — providing freedom to innovate and lead.

Action Games!

We believe the best games are made by teams with shared values and professional respect for one another; people who play and love games, and aspire to create something even better.

Create Anime

Our passion for anime leads us in creating gameplay, characters, and worlds that inspire our developers, captivate players, and bring our stories to new audiences for generations to come.

Empower People

We never want our teams to be limited by control, bureaucracy, or politics. Everyone is free and encouraged to make big decisions here and own the results.

Form a Community

Our players come first — a principle consistent with community development, democratization of game economies, and respecting the people who make what we do possible. 

Publish Ourselves

Publishing and game development are necessarily linked, and we retain control over this process with our players to create the best possible entertainment and brand experience.

Innovate Together

This is an exciting time for game development, and we are applying the latest technology to create anime action experiences that bring players together from around the world.

Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games


Do you thrive in an environment based on independence and responsibility, without assigned tasks, where the goal is to create the very best game possible?

Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games

Interns, Co-op, and Grads 

Are you looking for a position in game development?

Did you know some of the best studios started with people like you?
(Check out this article about Riot Games.)

We’re always looking for exceptional talent to join our team, even if you don’t meet the criteria for one of our open positions. Send us your resume and a cover letter to careers@lionheartgames.com and tell us why you’re the perfect person to join us. Who knows, you could be the next student or graduate to help build a game studio that players are talking about for generations to come…


Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games

Start your journey at https://www.playdragonspire.com

Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games
Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games
Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games
Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games

Our home: Atlanta

Atlanta is located in Georgia, USA, and is known as a growing hub for technology, entertainment, and travel in the Southeast. As residents, we enjoy a wonderful life packed with everything you could want from a city, including music, sports, craft breweries, amazing food, gorgeous parks, a fascinating history, and so much more.

We recommend reading Moving to Atlanta, GA: A Bellhop City Guide, which we found to be a good primer on our city, especially if you are considering a career with us.


Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games

Drawing inspiration from world-class companies like Supercell, we’re embarking on a journey to create teams that are empowered to build the very best games possible.

Life with us

Our culture is amazing, but we understand it’s not for everyone. Working in a studio where formal managers don’t exist will create ambiguity on projects and remove many of the safeguards you are likely used to for predictability or support. However, each person who works here is incredibly talented, smart, and motivated to create the best games possible. We think a corporate structure would only hinder people on our team, who are generally self-improving anyway.

Each person in our studio has the power to make big decisions and own the results. Our developers know what needs to be done and are ready to make that happen — without guidance or instruction.

If this all sounds great and you have the skills needed to do well here, let’s start a conversation. No matter where you are located, our team can help you understand the options. We’ll make things as smooth as possible for you, your family, your pets, and anyone else who decides to join you on this new and exciting adventure!

Lionheart Games — Small Teams, Great Games

From Our Team

Games should be made by people who love them. We’re all gamers at heart. Before applying, meet some people from our team and consider whether Lionheart Games is the best place for you.

“This is the place where you think of it, code it, see it, and play it.”

John Dew

Chief Technology Officer

It’s a truly remarkable thing to find a place where everyone is so incredibly driven towards one common goal. Each and every person on our team is devoted to bringing the best in their craft in order to make something awesome, and it’s a thrilling experience to be a part of. Not many people get to wake up and say they have their dream job, but at Lionheart you can stop dreaming and start creating!

Nate Sirdofsky

VFX Artist, Dragonspire Team

“It’s honestly amazing here! Everyone is super chill and into anime. I feel like our team is what people think a gaming studio is, only we work hard to make games and don’t just play them.”

Thona Bitzer

Accounting, Lionheart Games

“If someone pitches an idea, it’s given the fullest attention and has an opportunity to come to life. Everyone is dedicated and passionate about what they create and learn, so it’s great to be able to immerse myself with like minds who all share the same interest of making anime games!”

Tian Chen

Art Lead, Dragonspire Team

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