Data Science

Lionheart Games

Design Games

You will author new progression systems that ensure our players will have fun and entertaining goals to work toward across all player-types.

Dive into Data

Applying data, you’ll be our internal advocate for an analytical approach to balance others intuition and track events to improve game KPIs.

Experiment and Innovate

Similar to marketing, game design is constantly changing and finding new recipes that are incredibly fun. You will never stop A|B testing designs here.

The Data Scientist will develop and improve statistical models to guide game measurement and optimizations, with a focus on non-gameplay systems (player progression, character and item collection, economy, etc.) and monetization; design and optimize progression and other game systems based on current best practices, including but not limited, to administering play tests, implementing changes based on data analysis and feedback and understanding customer trends; communicate with outside partners and execute critical business decisions using extensive knowledge of gameplay systems; and assess industry-related data development and apply successful methodologies to our games and teams. Job located in Atlanta, GA.



  • Requires a Master’s degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering, Analytics or related field and 1 year of experience in position offered or related position. Must have 1 year of experience with the following: Structured Query Language (SQL); Machine learning, deep learning and data visualization; building dashboards and visualizations (Looker, Periscope, Tableau, etc.); preparing, reviewing, and representing data analysis through technical writing that can be easily read and interpreted by all levels of employees within a company; and designing gameplay, monetization, and progression mechanics, influenced by research of current market trends and industry-related data developments. Remote work permitted within the U.S.


Our team at Lionheart Games enjoys best-in-class benefits and amenities, which include competitive compensation, profit-sharing plans, 401(k) with matching contributions, medical, dental, vision, and more. At the studio, we make sure your favorite snacks and beverages are stocked. We also offer free gym memberships, as well as a great creative environment located at Atlantic Station with shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. To apply, please complete the entire form below.

Application for Data Scientist

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Careers at Lionheart Games

With COVID-19, are you accepting applications for remote employment?

While everyone is encouraged to work remote during the pandemic, all positions require relocation to Atlanta, Georgia within 30 days of acceptance. Once you move here, you may continue to work from home or come into the studio — the decision will be up to you until we feel it’s safe to return.

I'm worried about joining a start-up. How can I know if it's right for me? What if you run out of funding?

Lionheart Games is well-capitalized, and our CEO maintains a strong relationship with our investor. But, of course, there are no guarantees our studio will continue forever — which is true for most businesses (even very successful, large studios have layoffs). You shouldn’t worry about funding, but instead focus on what it means to be an entrepreneur with us.

Game development is challenging, and you will work a lot. If that doesn’t bother you and you’re passionate about making games with people who love them, watching anime in theaters, discussing anime in great detail, collecting waifus/husbandos in gacha games, and giving your very best even if that means less time for other things, then we might be a fit for you. If you aren’t bothered by ambiguity, are self-improving, love to learn on your own, and want to be the best professional you can be, then we might be a fit for you. These are questions to focus on, and to be honest with yourself about. Our studio is not for everyone, but for the people here it’s pretty great.


I don't see any open positions for internships or co-ops, do you accept applications for those?

Yes — but on a per project and as needed basis. If you are local to Georgia, we do our best to post these opportunities on your school’s job board. However, feel free to contact us directly with your credentials and cover letter even if you don’t see a posting. We don’t accept interns or co-ops from outside Georgia.

Do you offer relocation assistance?

Yes, we provide reimbursement for qualified relocation expenses up to a specified cap in your offer letter.

I heard Lionheart Games is "flat," what does that mean?

That’s correct; we don’t use formal job titles (except for certain outward facing roles) and there are no managers. When you are surrounded by people with substantial knowledge, skills, and experience in their disciplines, it’s better to trust them and move out of the way than to manage them. Of course, this leads to greater responsibility and risk in the hands of individuals, but we enjoy this model and feel it works well to remove traditional barriers that sometimes stifle creativity and greatness.

How long will it take for me to hear from you?

Due to volume, we do not respond to all applications. If you are selected for an interview, you will typically hear back from us within 1-2 weeks. However, on some occasions, we may keep your application on file and reach out much later than that when there is an open position that matches your qualifications.

If you apply and do not hear from us, don’t be discouraged and feel free to re-apply in 6-12 months when you have built up more experience in the relevant field.